How to register on our website?

If you have already made purchases on you will not have to register for the service The same account and password you used above works in both services. 

Otherwise in the upper right of the screen please click "Create New Account" 

Please fill out all fields in this form. These data should be the same as having the credit card that you will use to make the phone refills. 

Notice that P.O. Boxes are not considered accurate physical locations and are not acceptable. If you need to specify a mailbox or suite number within your physical location, please list your physical address in "Street" line, and put your mailbox or suite number in "Other Info" field. 

The Login is the user name you want to conform. Use something you can remember. 

The code is shown to register a security code. You do not have to remember it's just for the record. 

When you have all the fields filled please click "Register"